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We provide a risk free (no charge-backs) payment system for Adult websites


Adult Pay is a service that allows consumers to pay for online Adult websites in a risk free (no card) way.

Adult Pay prides itself on its easy to use service and the partnerships we have made to give an alternative way to buying Adult content online. Porn or Adult content is relied upon by many people in society, yet many people find it hard to trust and services online without cards. AdultPay changes this and makes buying online as easy as buying a newspaper with a simple Direct Banking payment.



Porn or Adult web-content is used by many people in society for many different reasons; there is not just one type of Adult user. We want to make sure that people's payment choices are respected and that all consumers can access the benefits of the digital economy. As a company providing Adult content you are considered as high-risk mainly because of chargebacks and online fraud. We would like to say that we can remove that risk for both the website and the consumer.

No Bank Account

No cards

Cash Budgeter

Simple bank payment

Fear of online fraud

Fear of online fraud

Anti Big Brother

Anti big brother

Cash Lover

I respect paid for Adult content


It's literally as simple as 1-2-3:

Adult Pay enables eCommerce Adult content websites to collect payments via Direct Banking. We operate as a service on behalf of these digital services and partnered with a number of leading companies to make this all happen in a safe, smart and simple way. 


Checkout with Adult Pay where you see this symbol

Via a secure gateway make a bank payment

Your adult site will authorise your membership

How do I find out more ?

Please contact us at or call onboarding on 07914 755 330

However just before you do, please note the following:

> Our developers will integrate Adult Pay to your site FOC
> You get the payment sum (less deductions) IMMEDIATELY
> No chargebacks, unless YOU wish to refund - we will never do that
> And finally, this is anti-fraud, because it is Direct Banking = no stolen cards


Some example niche Adult Pay sites

Adult Pay makes no judgement on legal site content and is happy to onboard straight, gay, lesbian, T-girl, fetish or multi-racial. We are a broad church.